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Our roots



Red Eagle Security is a family owned business that was established by Dirk H Snr.  The proudly South African company was then known as Hammanskraal Security and was successfully registered in 1976. Hammanskraal Security has steadily expanded over the years. An ever increasing demand for safe and secure transportation of money became a national daily challenge in South Africa and was added to our services.

During 1995 they were diced to change the company’s name from Hammanskraal Security to Red Eagle Security, because the previous name was misleading and no longer applicable as the company was now operating not only in Hammanskraal and surrounding areas but in the greater Tshwane areas as well. Red Eagle’s customer base burst out of its beams and branched out into more areas resulting in effective and secure network.

In 1991 Dirk Grobler Jnr. joined the business. In 1995 Dirk Grobler Jnr. was appointed as manager, he did not hesitate to accept this challenging position as he was in possession of the necessary qualifications. In 2003 he was given 49% of the business and in 2017 Dirk H Snr. decided to retire. Dirk H Grobler Jnr. is now the owner of Red Eagle Security.

Trained Guards

Trained guards to keep you safe 24/7. Our guards are qualified to handle firearms and has a support group waiting on their call.

Bulletproof Vans

Vehicles are protected by bulletproof material to ensure the safety of your cash along with guards that are equipped with high powered rifles.


PSIRA registered and qualified to help you with security

The Red Eagle Security team

We are a proud company that believes in equality.

Nickey Grobler

Dirk Grobler




Our excellent record of service that will fulfill  your needs is attributed to the dedication of the  Red Eagle Security’s management team who streamlined all aspects in this line of business.

Red Eagle Security is  committed to offer reliable, cost effective and customer orientated security services. We select the best security guards that are trained and retain them to deliver quality service to our customers.